[maemo-users] Default WLAN AP Setting and the "Connecting via Local IP Address" Error in the Nokia 770 ITOS 2005/2006

From: Paule Ecimovic paule at certrex.net
Date: Tue Feb 20 15:39:28 EET 2007
Hi all,

        Has anyone received "connecting via Local-IP" errors on a Nokia 770 running either version of ITOS while attempting to connect to a non-default WLAN internet access point? If so, how does one specify the default WLAN internet access point so as to avoid this error and get viable WLAN internet connections by default (given sufficient signal strength of the connection to the WLAN AP and an active internet connectivity)? This is yet another crack at a persistent problem leading to unreliable performance of the 770 in its feature application area: hassle-free broadband internet surfing at the drop of a hat.


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