[maemo-users] Problems connection to mobile phone after flashing N770

From: Magnus Larsson magnus at vista.se
Date: Wed Feb 21 10:34:23 EET 2007

I have a N770 and a Nokia mobile phone, that used to pair easily and 
connect my N770 to the internet. Yesterday I flashed it with latest 
OS2006 image, and went throught the setup wizards, pairing with phone 
again and choosing mobile operator (mine is listed so I just choose it, 
3 internet, Sweden). N770 and phone seems to pair nicely, but there is 
no connectin to internet. Anyone got advice on what to check or change?

Connection is set to Packet data, access point: data.tre.se, dial-up 
number *99***# and username and password empty. I tried varying dial up 
number and setting username and password (in line with what I have been 
using on my laptop to access 3G internet) but with no success.

Grateful for any help - this makes my device useless to me...

Magnus L

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