[maemo-users] Synchronizing Outlook calendar with N800 GPE Calendar

From: DAVID BURGER dwburger at ucdavis.edu
Date: Wed Feb 21 21:56:51 EET 2007
I'd like to synchronize my Outlook calendar (running under Windows XP
Pro) to GPE Calendar running on my Nokia N800.  So far my solution has
been to use an Outlook add-in called OutlookExport that will create .ics
files.  I then send the .ics file via Bluetooth to my N800 and import
with GPE Calendar.  My problem is that it doesn't always work.  I've
tried exporting/importing a .ics calendar that includes several weeks
worth of events and I get the following error


/home/user/MyDocs/DB Calendar.ics: Error reading calendar file
/home/user/MyDocs/DB Calendar.ics: invalid value in attribute RRULE


If I import a week's worth of events it works.  I suspect it has
something to do with recurring events.  Can anyone help me solve this
problem?  I'd like to be able to synchronize my entire calendar, not
just a few days worth.  Might there be a better way of synchronizing
than the path I've chosen?  Thanks!




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