[maemo-users] How Long is Too Long to Wait for Repair?

From: kgfowler3 at comcast.net kgfowler3 at comcast.net
Date: Thu Feb 22 03:59:47 EET 2007
Just around Christmas, the left channel of the audio jack failed on my warranted 770.  I contacted Nokia for repair instructions, and they had me send the device to Entronix.  I shipped it 2-day express on 1/26 and it arrived 1/28.

It was entered into the repair database on 1/9.  Here's a snippet from the status page:

        Status Date  	Status
        01/09/2007 	Received
        01/10/2007 	Repair in Progress
        01/11/2007 	Awaiting Parts

And there it waited until I contacted Entronix and Nokia on 2/5 (15 business days later).  2 days later Entronix informed me that they stopped servicing Nokia and would forward my 770 to Teleplan, and should arrive in 3-5 days.  It shipped on 2/9.

        02/09/2007 	Shipped Transfered

and now I'm back in wait mode.  If history is any indicator I can assume it won't be looked at until after 3/2 (9 business days from Entronix mailroom to workbench).  With luck I should have it back before the warranty expires in May.


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