[maemo-users] What works, what doesn't work

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Feb 22 17:25:22 EET 2007

ext Luca Donaggio wrote:
> I use vncserver on n800 and vncviewer on my Linux box... this "kinda" 
> works, *but*:
> - hitting the return button when typeing something triggers the n800 
> Thumb board and I have to quit it and use the return on the VKB instead, 
> which renders the PC keyboard pretty useless

Using numberpad enter instead might work (it sends a different keycode).

> - mouse works except when clicking on anything belonging to the 
> application launcher (the bar on the left - I don't remember its true 
> name now)

Starting the device X server with XInput disabled with the additional
"-extension XInputExtension" argument might fix this.
You can add that to the ARGS line in /etc/init.d/x-server script[1].

(Please don't mess up or your device might end up with UI /
in reboot loop...)

	- Eero

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