[maemo-users] What works, what doesn't work

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Thu Feb 22 18:59:28 EET 2007

ext Larry Battraw wrote:
>> >    VNC (or similar): I would like to be able to use the n800 from my
>> > notebook with
>> >             its larger display and especially keyboard.  (The most
>> > important is the
>> >             keyboard---I don't want to buy and carry around a bluetooth
>> > keyboard when I always
>> >             have my notebook with me anyway.
>> If your laptop is running Linux, you could use something like x2x:
>>         http://packages.debian.org/stable/x11/x2x
>  I installed it on my Ubuntu box but by default it looks like Xomap
> on the n800 is set to not listen for remote connections.

Actually it should (that's a bug in Xomap configuration discussed
earlier in this list :)).  Are you sure you've asked the N800
X server to allow connections from your machine (e.g. with:
"xhost +<your IP>", see "man xhost")?

Alternatively you could just forward the N800 local X connection over
ssh ("ssh -X"), if you have installed ssh to your N800 (I haven't used
ssh on N800 myself though).

> Is there an example you could give of connecting?

I haven't tried it myself on N800, but I've used x2x otherwise
(on another embedded Linux device years ago).  Just do:
	x2x -west -from :0 -to <N800-IP>:0

Then when you move your mouse to the left side of your Desktop screen,
it should "appear" on the N800 screen.  I think mouse cursor is actually
disabled in the N800 X server, so you need e.g. to have Notes open and
type something on your keyboard to see whether it worked or not.

	- Eero

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