[maemo-users] N800 is sometimes impossible to unlock

From: Philip Trickett (List) phil-ml at techworks.ie
Date: Mon Feb 26 15:21:27 EET 2007
On Sun, 2007-02-25 at 15:39 +0200, Marius Gedminas wrote:
> My N800 is trying to make me angry.  The spontaneous reboots that
> plagued my N770 have now infected my N800. [1]  Once maemo_af_desktop
> went into some infinite loop and wouldn't redraw anything or react to
> events. [2]  But the most annoying problem is this: twice I couldn't
> unlock the keyboard and keys.  "Press the [*] key", says the N800.  I
> press it.  "No, press the [*] key" says the N800.  I press it.  Again,
> and again, and again.  No reaction.  Aargh!  I had to pull the battery.
> [3]


I have had this happen to me too.  I have manually locked my N800, when
I go to unlock it, it does not seem to recognise the square key when it
is pressed.  This has happened twice to me, both time when nothing was
running and the N800 was in the home screen.

I am getting spontaneous reboots quite regularly, about once every 2
days, I have added details to the bugzilla about these.



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