[maemo-users] Q: connecting to non-broadcast wifi?

From: Paule Ecimovic paule at certrex.net
Date: Mon Feb 26 16:07:02 EET 2007
Hi, Kalle and all,

Deleting other IAP's as I have already found out doesn't explicitly select
the remaining IAP as default. That remains to be done by the user. How this
is done remains unknown as does how Nokia engineers envisaged DHCP-based IP
address assignment via WLAN IAP connections. I wonder whether there is a
status flag to set for an already detected WLAN IAP which would designate it
as the one to connect to by default. In the negotiation of a newly-found
IAP, some revision-invariant bug in ITOS 2005/2006 and all their respective
sub-versions causes the DHCP cycle to time out. The DHCP would require some
inquiry on the part of ITOS to get a newly-assigned IP address and, hence, a
default IAP does not imply avoiding the DHCP cycle, where a useful
(external) IP address is not assigned. So, a default IAP might not solve the
DHCP time-out problem, but there may be more to being a default IAP than
just what I have described, and among these additional implications of the
default IAP designation might be something that enables viable IP address
assignment by DHCP to Nokia 770 running the ITOS 2006.


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> "Paule Ecimovic" <paule at certrex.net> writes:
>>   In ITOS 2006, how do I set a specific WLAN connection as default so
>> that when a connection is dial without asking, that particular WLAN
>> connection is dialed?
> I think you can't do that. They only way I can think of would be to
> keep only one WLAN IAP saved.
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> Kalle Valo

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