[maemo-users] Nokia Tablet Carrying Case

From: Jon A. Solworth solworth at rites.uic.edu
Date: Mon Feb 26 19:42:18 EET 2007
Dan Ritter wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 04:48:59PM +0000, Matt Clark wrote:
>> Not quite - when the scanner operators ask if I've got a laptop in my 
>> bag I say no, and they haven't complained so far.  Then again I haven't 
>> tried that tack in the new style super paranoid USA yet.  Which approach 
>> is least likely to cause panic in a bugged-out TSA agent?
> "No, but I've got a PDA. Do you want to see it?"
> -dsr-

    In my experience (I fly in the US about every other month), TSA are
pretty literal.  If they ask for a laptop, then they mean a laptop.  Even
if they weren't, I gather the concern is explosives masquerading as
batteries, and the N800 has a cell phone sized battery.  I took the N800
on a trip lately (as well as a notebook), and didn't do anything special 
the notebook.

    They also require that all liquids be in bottles of 3.4 oz or less (used
to be 3 oz, but this is an accommodation to those on the metric  system).
Moreover, they need to be in a quart size zip lock bag.  The point of the
zip lock bag is to ensure the amount of liquids is limited.  However, if you
try to take through a few loose bottles/tooth paste containers which 
clearly would
not fill up a zip lock bag, they'll confiscate them.

    And if you think US is bad, try flying through UK these days.


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