[maemo-users] Bluetooth File Manager Browsing and Kubuntu

From: Bad Dog baddog at uniblab.com
Date: Mon Feb 26 22:46:58 EET 2007
I have tried to browse my thinkpad laptop running Kubuntu 6.06 LTS from
my N800 to no avail.  After following directions from several earlier
posts, I believe the problem to be that the laptop is not running OBEX
FTP, even though it is running OBEX PUSH.  

So, my questions are these:

1)  Does the N800 file manager use obex push or ftp to access remote
devices for browsing?

2)  In both cases, are there specific channels that must be used for
each or either of these services to work?

3)  If obex ftp is needed on the laptop, does anyone have a clue where I
would find the kdebluetoothd services for obex ftp? (I have kdobexsrv
installed, but it doesn't seem to fit the bill as far as the N800 is

4) Is there anything special needed to be run on the N800?  I have been
presuming the problem to be on the laptop.  I am able to push individual
files between the laptop and N800 using File Manager -> File -> Send
(via bluetooth)... it is just the browser in filemanager (as well as the
command line gnomevfs-ls) that fails.  The typical response is "cannot
connect to remote device".  The command line tools report the service is

5)  Has anyone gotten any connectivity to a Verizon Treo 650, and if so,
what did you do?  Mine resets whenever I try to access it from the N800
or the laptop (for browsing.)


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