[maemo-users] erminig : How to synchronize GPE Calendar and Google Calendar

From: David Hautbois david.hautbois at free.fr
Date: Tue Feb 27 21:56:35 EET 2007
Some people seem to be interested with my application.
So, You can now test it : erminig.

Installation :
First, You have to install the following packages :
This package provides a python module to access to the sqlite 2.1 
database of GPE Calendar.

the erminig application

Be carefull before use it !! :
1 - Backup your gpe calendar file (/home/user/.gpe/calendar)
    Because the first time You configure erminig application, it will 
clean all the database (sorry)
2 - When You configure erminig, You have to specify the numbers of days 
before and after today, You want to work with.
    First time, be carefull, the events in your Google Calendar are not 
important (erminig have certainly some bugs!!)

Configuration :
After launching erminig, access to the parameters menu.
All parameters will be comprehensible but :
GPE Calendar file : location of the GPE Calendar File : 
Timezone : the value of the timezone in hours, so for "GMT + 1", specify "1"

How does it work ?
You decide the range of days that You want to work with.
These days will be downloaded from Google Calendar to GPE Calendar.
You create or delete events in the GPE Calendar ( and Google Calendar, sure)
The next time You use erminig, the modification will be sent to your 
Google Calendar
The GPE database is cleaned (all calendars !)
And a new version of the Google Calendar will be downloaded to GPE Calendar.
Etc .....

What does not work :
- recurring events
- modifications (only creation and deletion)
- some fields

The references I use for this application :
    The python module to access to Google Calendar
    I modify it, because, with the standard version, we can't delete events
    I'm waiting the acceptation of my contribution
    The documentation of the Google APIs
My wiki : http://david.hautbois.free.fr/dokuwiki/doku.php
    Some personnal notes about N800 and Python.... (In french)

I'm a newbie with Python (1 month), so forgive me for the bugs (there 
are !) and the bad quality of the code.
I'm French, sorry for my so bad english.


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