[maemo-users] Gnumeric spreadsheet for N800

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 28 00:12:18 EET 2007
On 2/26/07, Marius Gedminas <marius at pov.lt> wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 26, 2007 at 01:34:45PM -0500, Michael Wiktowy wrote:
> > I had similar problems with installing Canola on the 770 even after
> > downloading it and installing it from flash disk. I had to increase
> > the size of my flash memory cache file and once I did, it installed
> > just fine.
> Do you mean the swap file (aka virtual memory)?

Yes. When I was having problems I didn't have any virtual memory
enabled. I increased it 8 MB (all the space I had left on my flash
card) and was able to install Canola fine after that. Just a thought
as to what might be going wrong with installing a large package.


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