[maemo-users] Problem connecting through captive portal(s)

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Wed Feb 28 17:12:39 EET 2007
> Our local ISP uses Mikrotik mesh routers and a captive portal.  My 770
> and N800 both have problems connecting to this network, while I have no
> problem with my home wireless, friends wireless, etc.  

This is interesting topic. Could you describe hardware used for this?

> After speaking with them, I learned that the ISP sends as many as 4 ARP
> packets per second (usually one every couple seconds) to keep track of
> which devices are still alive on the net.  Is this the possible source
> of these problems on my Nokia tablets?  Anyone have any similar issues?
> Any ideas on what I might do to diagnose this problem on the 770?

If you have some kind of modem, you could try to "shock the monkey". I.e.
power off all the devices and turn them on one by one, starting with modem,
then wireless router. Arp caches have to be cleared from time to time. For
cable modem with ethernet connection for you desktop, you have to reload
that modem if you want to change computer or the ethernet port.
I'd like to know how do you resolve the problem. Is it possible to get
error message from 770?


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