[maemo-users] Coming back to Glade

From: Fernando Herrera fernando.herrera-de-las-heras at nokia.com
Date: Wed Feb 28 20:02:07 EET 2007
El mié, 28-02-2007 a las 18:16 +0100, ext Claudio Scordino escribió:

> Is there any version of libglade for directfb on that repository ?
> (I'm developing for directfb on an ARM architecture...)

libglade does not depend on the gtk+ backend. So if you get a gtk+ for
win32 libglade just works. Dame for directfb backend. however I don't
know that it is the status of gtk+ directfb

> > My plan is to make gazpacho available on the Sardine distribution soon
> > in the next weeks.
> Up to now, I used Gazpacho with
> maemo-sdk-rootstrap_3.0_i386.tgz
> as rootstrap and
> http://repository.maemo.org/ mistral free non-free

This is wrong.

maemo-sdk-3.0 is bora, not mistral.

so you should have these repositories in order to get python 2.5:

http://repository.maemo.org/ bora free non-free
http://repository.maemo.org/extras bora free non-free

But notice that there are no gazpacho packages for bora, so you would
need to get them from garage/upstream by hand.

> Do you already have an idea about when you are going to release the Sardine 
> distribution ?

The Sardine distribution is a live distribution tracking our current
maemo blending-edge development. More info here:


> So, why the Gazpacho website says
> "Will libglade load the files Gazpacho generates?
>      That's the idea but unfortunately it is not working yet for some cases. The 
> problem is libglade does not support non Widget objects. There are some patches 
> to fix this and we are all waiting for libglade maintainer to apply them." ?
> This was the sentence that made me to try to come back to Glade...

I don't know where did you get that info, but it seems to be quite
outdated. From http://gazpacho.sicem.biz/ :

"One of the goals of the project is that the .glade files that Gazpacho
generates should be fully compatible with libglade so you can use
Gazpacho whatever the language your application is written with."

The point here is that gazpacho allows more thing than libglade (like
non-widgets), but those things are ignored by libglade. When GtkBuilder
code get into gtk+, gazpacho would be able to save its projects in this
new format, supporting non-widgets objects.


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