[maemo-users] N800: Problem with "Nokia Internet Call Invitation (Beta)"

From: Antti P Miettinen ananaza at iki.fi
Date: Fri Mar 2 12:09:41 EET 2007
Paul Bartholomew <oz_paulb at hotmail.com> writes:
>     I tried "Contacts->Send call invitation".  It says that the "Nokia
> Internet Call Invitation (Beta)" feature isn't activated, and asks if I want
> to activate it.  I say "OK".
>     It then asks for a username.  I enter one, then hit "OK". 
>     A pop-up asks "Activate Nokia Internet Call Invitation (Beta)?".  I click
> "OK".
>     After a few seconds, I get an error pop-up "Feature activation failed. 
> Try again."
> Does anyone have any ideas how to solve this?

Did someone succeed in using the "Nokia Internet Call Invitation"? :-)

How about the gtalk2voip.com gateway? For me the tablet client gets a
disconnect whenever I try to "call sip:someone at somewhere" via the
service bot.


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