[maemo-users] N800 refuses to boot

From: Anuj Verma (Kevin) kevin.verma at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 3 22:09:20 EET 2007
On Sat, 03 Mar 2007 20:48:09 +0100, Per Wille wrote:

> Had that as well. Keep pushing random hw buttons, and the thing will
> boot (it's gathering entropy). There is a new dropbear-server out which
> works like the older version.
> --
> Per Wille


I am glad you responded in time :-) 

Yes this really helped. But again Maemo team should think of some 
guidelines for packagers to put up some messages or prompts for 
interactivity as and when required. 

Else I might have a reason to get my old Palm device in use and keep 
Maemo device for fun only ;-) 

Many Thanks, 

A Million thanks for the free software but I'll thank you a billion if it 
sucks less. 

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