[maemo-users] Photo capability using N800 Camera? => Knips

From: Tim Teulings rael at edge.ping.de
Date: Sun Mar 4 21:33:00 EET 2007

> The package has a missing dependency, ie. it won't install
> libIllumination for you and won't work without it.

I have fixed that a few minutes ago. Thanks for hinting at!

> btw there's also an app named "malomo" that does the same thing as
> Knips. it's at garage.maemo.org.

I did not know this. I would suggest that every garage developer, who
has a *working* application, also registers his project in the
application registry (http://downloads.maemo.org/). That is where I looked!

> good work on the vkb info in
> http://www.anderenen.de/anderenende/maemo.html btw :)

It still is not perfect. I would be very happy if somebody would release
more infos regarding the undentified requests and flags.


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