[maemo-users] boot problem

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Mar 5 12:31:03 EET 2007

ext Stefan Englhardt wrote:
> I've a power outage of my N800. Since that the device needs
> very long to start (>30min). The Nokia Screen apears, the blue bar
> at the bottom goes 100% right. And then I've to wait for a very long time.

Most likely this is JFFS2 file system garbage collecting the internal
Flash.  Have you written *and* removed a lot of files from the device
(e.g. installing & uninstalling something)?  And/or is your internal
Flash *very* full (only few MBs free)?

> Looking at Kernel messages it seems that jffs has a problem.
> How can I repair the filesystem?? No fsck-like tool??

 > <5>[   45.825744] JFFS2 notice: (379) read_dnode: wrong data CRC
 > in data node at 0x0d6fa260: read 0x79f8297b, calculated 0xe83087b9.

This just means that device had been booted (when battery out dropped,
device HW watchdog rebooted it etc) while the internal flash was being
written and therefore the CRC sum for the (partially) written block
doesn't match what a complete block would have.  The message will go
away when JFFS2 garbage-collects that block.

Note: JFFS2 journals the file system so the file system
integrity is retained in these cases although some individual
file might be incompletely written.

	- Eero

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