[maemo-users] N800: Debian packages, PIM suite, WLAN chip, battery

From: Thomas Hühn newsgroups at thomas-huehn.de
Date: Tue Mar 6 09:35:46 EET 2007

I'm currently thinking about buying a N800, after some friends won the
N770 at Gnome's GUADEC and were quite happy with it.

What I don't get so far is: Can I use normal Debian packages from
ftp.debian.org? The maemo wiki's application list looks quite empty
compared to the list for the N770, and it would sure be nice if I were
able to get any app from the vast pool that Debian supplies. Still, I
fear that's not possible?

Does the N800 come with some PIM suite (at least calendar, contacts,
appointments) preinstalled (that is, from Nokia)?

What kind of WLAN chip is used in the device?

Is the battery pack one that is used with other Nokia devices
(especially mobile phones), too? Would be nice, since those are usually
cheap to get.

Thank you

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