[maemo-users] Coming back to Glade

From: Claudio Scordino cloud.of.andor at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 6 12:46:52 EET 2007
Fernando Herrera wrote:
>>> My plan is to make gazpacho available on the Sardine distribution soon
>>> in the next weeks.
>> Up to now, I used Gazpacho with
>> maemo-sdk-rootstrap_3.0_i386.tgz
>> as rootstrap and
>> http://repository.maemo.org/ mistral free non-free
> This is wrong.
> maemo-sdk-3.0 is bora, not mistral.
> so you should have these repositories in order to get python 2.5:
> http://repository.maemo.org/ bora free non-free
> http://repository.maemo.org/extras bora free non-free

Ok, done. I'm going to have a Bora with Gazpacho manually installed following 
your instructions.

I need a further help about this.

I installed the python2.5-gobject-dev and python2.5-gtk2-dev packages from these 
repositories in order to have pygtk installed on Scratchbox.

Then, I downloaded kiwi and I tried

python setup.py install

but it complains saying

"PyGTK 2.8 or PyGObject 2.9.0 or higher is required by kiwi"

which is already installed...

What went wrong ?

>> So, why the Gazpacho website says
>> "Will libglade load the files Gazpacho generates?
>>      That's the idea but unfortunately it is not working yet for some cases. The 
>> problem is libglade does not support non Widget objects. There are some patches 
>> to fix this and we are all waiting for libglade maintainer to apply them." ?
>> This was the sentence that made me to try to come back to Glade...
> I don't know where did you get that info, but it seems to be quite
> outdated. From http://gazpacho.sicem.biz/ :

I took it from http://gazpacho.sicem.biz/faq

Probably, not all parts of the website are up to date.

Does exist any guide or manual about using Gazpacho ? I couldn't find any...

Many thanks,


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