[maemo-users] [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: Coming back to Glade]]

From: Michael Trimarchi michael at evidence.eu.com
Date: Wed Mar 7 17:59:51 EET 2007
> Hi,
> El mié, 28-02-2007 a las 17:05 +0100, ext Claudio Scordino escribió:
>>    from a mail posted in August I've seen that "the glade-support has 
>> been stripped and gazpacho support is still under way.." on Maemo.
> libglade is still supported in bora release, and it is available on
> repository.maemo.org.
> Gazpacho is not currently included on the SDK release. It was using an
> old and patched version.
> The idea is to use now gazpacho upstream version plus gazpacho-hildon
> adaptors and some custom plugins to make maemo developement easy.
I've some questions, because I suppose that the Glade-2 designer is more 
useful than Gazpacho when programing in C, so probably I missed something...

- Gazpacho does not export any C interface with the callback support. It 
does not create .c and .h files either. Glade, instead, does. How can I 
set the callbacks using Gazpacho ?
- The gazpacho xml is not fully compatible with libglade yet as reported 
in the Gazpacho website
- How can I use Hildon? Do I need libglade?
>> Since libglade does not completely support Gazpacho, we would prefer 
>> using
>> Glade. Is it still possible ? (some dependencies about Gazpacho seem 
>> hard-coded
>> inside the Laika plugin for Eclipse...)
> gazpacho support perfectly libglade format. It is even ready for the
> upcoming GtkBuilder format.
The web site reports something different. Is still possible to launch 
glade2 in Xephyr under Scratchbox?
>> Why Maemo does not provide both choices ?

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