[maemo-users] [Fwd: [Fwd: Re: Coming back to Glade]]

From: Claudio Scordino cloud.of.andor at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 7 18:55:58 EET 2007
Fernando Herrera wrote:
> El mié, 07-03-2007 a las 16:59 +0100, ext Michael Trimarchi escribió:
>> I've some questions, because I suppose that the Glade-2 designer is more 
>> useful than Gazpacho when programing in C, so probably I missed something...
>> - Gazpacho does not export any C interface with the callback support. It 
>> does not create .c and .h files either. Glade, instead, does. How can I 
>> set the callbacks using Gazpacho ?
> Never generate code with glade. NEVER. It's evil. glade-2 developers
> recommend to use only .glade files and load them using libglade. Glade-3
> doesn't support at all generating code.

Oh, now I see!

Can I have more information about why glade-2 messed up generating code files ? 
Wasn't the problem fixable at all ?

There's still one more difference between Glade-2 and Gazpacho: there is much 
more documentation for Glade than for Gazpacho. Actually, I couldn't find any 
manual or guide for using Gazpacho... I hope that this issue will be fixed soon.



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