[maemo-users] WLAN Power Save Mode timeout

From: Levi Bard taktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak at gmail.com
Date: Wed Mar 7 19:31:52 EET 2007
> Sorry, but I find it hard to believe that Cisco APs would not properly
> work with TKIP or AES. Cisco APs are of the best quality I have ever
> seen. And all the EAP tests in Wi-Fi certifications are run with
> either TKIP or AES (Wi-Fi Alliance calls it WPA-Enterprise, or
> something like that), so it's widely tested as well.

The problem (in my case) is that I don't have control over the AP
configurations.  I would be perfectly happy to use the
currently-supported WPA algorithms if I had the ability to do so.

> > wpasupplicant already supports EAP-TTLS, how hard would it be for
> > a poweruser to use it instead of the current supplicant?
> Do you already know that N800 already supports EAP-TTLS, with TKIP or
> AES encryption?
> About using wpasupplicant. I think it shouldn't be too hard to use
> wpasupplicant on 770 or N800. The wireless extension interface to the
> WLAN driver isn't quite up-to-date, so you would have to do some
> tweaking there. And of course you would have to bypass all UI, icd and
> wlancond components. But it should be doable.

If it's easy enough for a power user to do, will nokia also work to
support it in the built-in connection manager?  Since we've
established that it's a semi-standard problem for IT users?

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