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From: Robson, Alan alan.robson at viasat.com
Date: Wed Mar 7 20:20:18 EET 2007
But it would be great to be able to deliver presentations from the n800 directly.
I see from the TI website that the OMAP processor has a TV out feature (probably not cabled out anywhere accessible)
I also see that over the years there have been various USB and SD-card format video adaptors produced. Did anyone manage to get anything like this working with the 770 ? What are the hopes of getting video out of an n800 directly ?


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Thanks, Mike.  That's what I suspected.  I'm thinking now, based upon your and Jonathan's responses that I may be able to accomplish the same thing using VNC.  I currently have a VMware instance running on a system with the VMware instance displaying on a 2d monitor.  Perhaps I can do the same with VNC accomplishing the objective.  I'll have to try that when I return.

Appreciate the quick responses!

Nick Shaw

On Wed Mar 7 16:43 , Mike Lococo sent:

	>> I think I know the answer but need to ask it anyway just in case.
	>> I've seen pictures of Nokia displaying the N800 desktop onto an
	>> external monitor. Is it possible for US to display to an external
	>> monitor? If so, how?
	> VNC works but is I'm sure not whaat you are asking..
	To clarify, it's possible to view the "desktop" of the N800 in a window 
	on another computer over the network via VNC. It's not possible to hook 
	it up to a monitor via a cable.
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