[maemo-users] Laika configuration settings

From: Claudio Scordino cloud.of.andor at gmail.com
Date: Thu Mar 8 13:45:18 EET 2007

    I'm facing several problems using the Laika plugin for Eclipse and Scratchbox.

- When building a project, the home directory is not always correctly set in the 
login -d command. For instance, if my user is "michael", sometimes the login 
command is called with just "chael" (i.e. "michael" without the initial 2 
characters) and the building step stops with an error. I saw the same error on 
other machines: sometimes happens that the directory is not set correctly!

- Sometimes the Scratchbox preferences in Eclipse are not saved. I have a 
machine that behaves differently from the other machines. On this machine the 
value of "Version of default preference values" is equal to 
"Scratchbox_0.9.8.prefs" by default, wherease on all the other machines it is 
equal to "Scratchbox_1.0.prefs". Notice that they have the same configuration!
Moreover, if on this particular machine I try to set this value to 
"Scratchbox_1.0.prefs", and then I restart Eclipse, the configuration still has 
the old value...

Here is my configuration:

- Eclipse 3.2
- CDT 3.1.1
- Laika 2.1
- PyDev
- Scratchbox 1.0.7



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