[maemo-users] Applications unexpectedly closing on n800

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Mar 9 14:57:37 EET 2007

ext Neil MacLeod wrote:
>> Ok, so the issue is that you press the Back key long ("downward thumb
>> rolling motion").
> No, this isn't the issue.
> I'm familiar with the "long keypress" but this is not what I'm doing, 
> and is not what I have described in the bug.
> In the bug, I'm *VERY* briefly pressing the Back key immediately 
> followed by the Menu key - there is no long keypress of any key.
> If you follow the sequence I have described, then click within the 
> application window (using either the stylus or a finger) the application 
> will then Close. This is not defined behaviour, and as such it is a bug.

Thanks, I could reproduce it now.  I need to press Back and Menu keys
very quickly after each other.  If I press them slowly this doesn't
happen. And it doesn't seem to happen if I cancel the menu with another
keypress, I don't know why.

My assumption on what happens:
- Back key pressed -> ESC press delivered to application
- Back key released & menu pressed -> Menu opens before application
   window processes the ESC release
- Only after the menu goes away with a tap, the ESC release is processed
   by the application window.  As the interval between processing the
   press and release events was long, it's interpreted as a long press

I'm not sure how this could be fixed.  The X events contain a timestamp,
maybe this could be used for checking the event interval instead of
the interval of processing the events.

Currently the bug seems to have 0 votes.  Are the other users pressing
the keys in a way that triggers this bug too?  (I don't think I've ever
triggered this mysefl when using the device)

 > The particularly annoying aspect of this bug is that it can and does
 > occur when you least expect it, thus giving the impression the
 > application has just crashed when the application isn't at fault, it's
 > the OS/desktop/haf/core that has erroneously closed the application.


	- Eero

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