[maemo-users] Applications unexpectedly closing on n800

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Mar 9 17:14:01 EET 2007

ext Neil MacLeod wrote:
> I've succeeded in causing the bug (ie. app to close) with the following 
> combinations:
> 1. Back+Menu followed by Menu keypress
> 2. Back+Menu followed by Home keypress
> 3. Back+Menu followed by stylus/finger event
> 4. Back+Menu followed by Power keypress
> 5. Back+Menu followed by removal of battery cover ("Memory card in use" 
> dialog steals focus from Menu)
> Basically, any event that causes the menu to lose focus will result in 
> the application closing.

Ok, I got 2) to happen after a lot of trying.
This seems quite hard to do on purpose, but maybe
it's easier to do accidentally.

> Speaking personally, I've caused this situation several times (hence the 
> bug in my name!) Maybe I'm more prone to cause this problem due to my 
> fat fingers/big hands/whatever, however the design of the buttons (ie. 
> being so close together) ensures this situation is likely to happen for 
> many people and not just me. And and once the menu has been invoked due 
> to the combination keypress, it's almost impossible to backout of the 
> situation without concious effort on the part of the user.

I have to admit that when pressing the Menu key I usually use
a fingertip (not the flat side of thumb) because the keys are
so close together... (personally I prefer N770 keys except
for the power button)

	- Eero

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