[maemo-users] problem starting n800

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Mar 13 12:34:22 EET 2007

ext Neil MacLeod wrote:
>> I deleted a video from the card and then it worked fine. So it seems a
>> bad file can stop the device booting without any hint as to what the
>> problem might be!
>> Is this a bug that is fixed in the next firmware, if not what should i
>> file this against?

Yes, it should.

>> Thanks for the clues, Michael
> This tends to confirm the theory that removing SD cards can help a 
> device that is refusing to boot. Obviously it shouldn't be possible to 
> get a device into such a situation but clearly something is happening in 
> the boot sequence whereby a corrupt fs can prevent the device from booting.
> Hopefully it's fixed in the next firmware, I don't think anyone has 
> posted technical details about what exactly may be happening and why SD 
> cards result in a boot failure.

I think the problem is that when the device mounts the MMC during
the boot process, metalayer-crawler gets inotified about that and
starts scanning the contents of the MMC.

Metalayer-crawler didn't handle possible errors from corrupted (MMC FAT)
filesystems well enough and as a result it in worst case ended up up
taking all memory and CPU in the device.  This is fixed in the next
release.  It should also now react properly/promptly to user removing
the MMC.

There might also have been problems with some specific video files.
What was the format of the video files which removing helped?

	- Eero

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