[maemo-users] Failure Rate of 770s update. now 17%

From: Simon Moore simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk
Date: Wed Mar 14 11:27:31 EET 2007
We have a little pile of 3 770s to send back, 1 is on its way back to 
us, 1 has been replaced.  For some bizarre reason they insist on 
picking each one up separately, meanwhile we are doing advanced 
replacement for our customers so kind of expensive for us to have 
broken stock sitting around.


At 08:01 14/03/2007, Sebi Ryffel wrote:

>My N800 failed after 4 weeks only. Before that I had all kinds of 
>problems including random reboots, infinite rebooting after the 
>nokia screen and crashes. And finally the unit died.
>I don't find that to be very tragic. I bought devices before, which 
>turned out to be broken. But they usually were replaced immediately. 
>My N800 however is now in repair service for 5 weeks! They are 
>"waiting for parts" and have no idea how much longer it will take. 
>This I find to be unacceptable and a strong reason not to buy a 
>product from nokia again.
>What did you do with your broken units?
>On 3/13/07, Simon Moore 
><<mailto:simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk>simon.moore at ndirect.co.uk > wrote:
>Current failure rate within the first three months of purchase is 
>17.2% (sample size 29, 5 failed)
>We have tested a seven more devices since my last email that have 
>been at a site for 3 months (including flashing them to latest 
>version, enabling host mode and flashing a custom kernel), all 
>worked fine and we have one more failure at another site (version 2, 
>no host mode or custom kernel).
>Of the failures 4 are the classic screen failure reported by many 
>and 1 was dead out of the box (continuous reboot).
>We only have one 800 which is still working fine.
>I have started logging serial numbers to see if there is a higher 
>incident of failure with certain ones. 3 of the failures have nearly 
>identical serial numbers (last digit is different), two with similar 
>numbers last number different are still operational.  The other two 
>failed units I don't have the serial numbers of.  Leading me to the 
>suspicion that batches of 770s may be faulty - assuming 770s in the 
>same batch have very close serial numbers of course not enough data 
>to be conclusive.
>I would give out the serial numbers of the ones that have failed but 
>Nokia are using the serial numbers as a sort of password to their 
>firmware so I guess they would prefer me not to.  However if anyone 
>wants to send me their failed unit serial numbers I can see if there 
>is any correlation with serial numbers we have had fail.
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