[maemo-users] N800 hardware service, who did you turn to?

From: Mathias Uebelacker m.uebelacker at googlemail.com
Date: Wed Mar 14 18:06:00 EET 2007

i had only positive experinces with the nokia service. My N770 is changed
three times and very fast. I turned my device in over a local service point.
Which is your zip code? I work with some big distributors and maybe i can
send you a local service point.


2007/3/14, Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at sspaeth.de>:
> Simon Moore wrote:
> > We have a little pile of 3 770s to send back, 1 is on its way back to
> > us, 1 has been replaced.
> The headset broke after 3 uses with my N800 and I want it replaced.
> However contacting the Nokia service has been a nightmare (and
> unsuccessful) so far. How did you and others manage?
> The Website leads to a repair section where I am supposed to answer
> questions on whether my SIM card works or not and other similar phone
> specific questions. Some service links lead to a "whoops, this page was
> not found" site. There is no fax number to fax to, and no e-mail address
> to write to either.
> I found a web contact form where I entered my request twice (second
> after a week with no reply, and no another week has gone without ANY
> reaction).
> I really don't know where to turn to to get that headset repaired, Nokia
> is really hard to contact in that regard...
> Spaetz
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