[maemo-users] Think Outside Bluetooth Stowaway Sierra Keyboard

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Fri Mar 16 22:54:51 EET 2007
Well, thanks to all.  The keyboard arrived today and worked quite well.  I
had no difficulty pairing it up with the N800.  It sets up and closes


As noted by others on this board, all keys function as expected except the
<Fn> key, that is used to activate special functions not on the N800, acts
differently depending upon the application.  For example, in GPE-Calendar,
the <Fn><PgUp> key takes you to the next day while the <Fn><PgDn> keys takes
you to the previous day.  The <F1> ..<F12> keys work as expected, the <ESC>,
<PgDn>, <Home>, <End>, and <PgUp> keys work fine as well.  All of these keys
require the <Fn> key.  


The keyboard is quite comfortable to use and but bends a bit in the middle
if not on a solid surface.  It doesn't bend much and doesn't, for me at
least, affect typing.  The 5th row is for numeric keys (no <Fn> key
required) and the F1-F12 keys (require the <Fn> key).  It's easy to open and


It comes with a stand but for the N800, the stand isn't necessary.  The
stand is stored out of the way under the keyboard when not in use.


Like most keyboards, the Sierra has detents for the J and F keys for ease in
placing your fingers properly on the keyboard.  Tactile feedback is good.
Tabbing between fields in any applications works as expected.


In short, it's a good, solid, Bluetooth keyboard that works well with the
N800.  The cost through Amazon (when I bought it last week) was $79.00.  It
comes with a zippered case but the case has no padding.  A leather case is
sold separately as an accessory.  I'll probably stay with the case that came
with the unit.



Nick Shaw


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