[maemo-users] Think Outside Bluetooth Stowaway Sierra Keyboard

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Sat Mar 17 02:51:35 EET 2007
Thanks, Jonathan.

Nick Shaw
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Congrats on the purchase!

I removed my stand (used it with the 770) for the N800 and don't
bother with the case... I just drop it in my bag which keeps it very

On 3/16/07, Dr. Nicholas Shaw <Doc at docharley.com> wrote:
> Well, thanks to all.  The keyboard arrived today and worked quite well.  I
> had no difficulty pairing it up with the N800.  It sets up and closes
> easily.
> As noted by others on this board, all keys function as expected except the
> <Fn> key, that is used to activate special functions not on the N800, acts
> differently depending upon the application.  For example, in GPE-Calendar,
> the <Fn><PgUp> key takes you to the next day while the <Fn><PgDn> keys
> you to the previous day.  The <F1> ..<F12> keys work as expected, the
> <PgDn>, <Home>, <End>, and <PgUp> keys work fine as well.  All of these
> require the <Fn> key.
> The keyboard is quite comfortable to use and but bends a bit in the middle
> if not on a solid surface.  It doesn't bend much and doesn't, for me at
> least, affect typing.  The 5th row is for numeric keys (no <Fn> key
> required) and the F1-F12 keys (require the <Fn> key).  It's easy to open
> fold.
> It comes with a stand but for the N800, the stand isn't necessary.  The
> stand is stored out of the way under the keyboard when not in use.
> Like most keyboards, the Sierra has detents for the J and F keys for ease
> placing your fingers properly on the keyboard.  Tactile feedback is good.
> Tabbing between fields in any applications works as expected.
> In short, it's a good, solid, Bluetooth keyboard that works well with the
> N800.  The cost through Amazon (when I bought it last week) was $79.00.
> comes with a zippered case but the case has no padding.  A leather case is
> sold separately as an accessory.  I'll probably stay with the case that
> with the unit.
> Regards,
> Nick Shaw
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