[maemo-users] N800 won't start

From: Andrea Trentini trentini at dico.unimi.it
Date: Sat Mar 17 08:25:54 EET 2007
same for me, I tried (more than once) to reflash it
with no success whatsoever, then I brought it to service

on this list I was suggested to activate R&D (through
reflashing) mode and give a try, but I had already brought in
my N800...


Paolo Casarini wrote:
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> When i turn on my n800 the progress bar doesn't come up and it never
> starts. After a minute the screen become black for a second and then
> back white with the Nokia logo.
> I tried to remove the internal or external SD card, but the behaviour is
> the same. I also tried to use the battery of my old 770 but the N800
> won't start.
> I've to reflash the tablet or I've to go to a Nokia point?
> TIA,
>   Paolo.
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