[maemo-users] Porient H9 at CeBIT

From: Hanno Zulla abos at hanno.de
Date: Mon Mar 19 14:59:19 EET 2007

Larry Battraw schrieb:
>  I'd be interested in knowing how snappy the performance is and how
> feature-complete it is.  Release date/countries and price would be
> great as well.

It didn't feel faster than the N800, yet the video player seemed to be
more powerful. It did not look like a complete product an end-user would
want to buy, despite the representative's claim that it is available
/now/. Seems to be the typical Asian product: Quickly hacked together to
meet a feature-list, rushed out of the door and no polish afterwards...
What a shame.

More in my blog entry (previous message) and a video at



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