[maemo-users] Alternative Window Managers packages ?

From: मयंक जैन (makuchaku) mayank.gnu at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 23 15:17:43 EET 2007
On 3/23/07, Tapani Pälli <tapani.palli at nokia.com> wrote:
> ext Anuj Verma (Kevin) wrote:
> > Hello List,
> >
> > I am very much bored with hildon by now. Can some one please tell me if
> > any alternative WM available for N800 in .deb by now ?
> >
> >
> What kind of improvements for WM do you have in mind? Remember that all
> ideas are welcome and most of them probably doable depending if it makes
> sense (provides additional usability) and is possible performance and
> memory-wise.

I would love to be able to drag dialog boxes across the screen.
Sometimes, one wants to see what text/info is hidden beneath the
dialog box - for which, as of now, the dialog box has to be dismissed
& then activated again...

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