[maemo-users] [ANN] Simple Launcher -- Home applet to launch your apps

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Fri Mar 23 16:28:58 EET 2007
yeah I was there... my problem is that the device thinks something
else is in the way when your app is onscreen, but there's nothing
there.  I've tried resizing it as a small rectangle on the right side
as well as at the bottom... no luck yet.

Will have to try again after I update my device with today's release.

On 3/23/07, Mikhail Sobolev <mss at mawhrin.net> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan
> (I'll put the advices from this thread to the home page when the issue
> is resolved :))
> On Fri, Mar 23, 2007 at 08:57:06AM -0400, Jonathan Greene wrote:
> > I tired installing and setting this up, but I am unable to find a
> > location on my home screen that is not overlapped... though nothing is
> > actually overlapping (or hiding below).
> >
> > Running N800...
> [ If you feel it's too detailed, please bear with me: I just want to
> make sure that everything is OK ]
> After you installed the package, you should go to the menu of Home
> Application and click 'Select applets...'. You will see a dialog where
> you should be able to see 'Simple Launcher'.  Mark the checkbox next to
> it and press 'OK' buton.  Home application should go to the layout
> editing mode and the simple launcher is represented by a very small
> icon (I tried to specify in several places the minimum size, but it
> works somewhat strangely, I need to figure out how to fix it), try to
> click and hold on the right bottom corner to resize it.  At this point,
> the minimum size will work and you will see a white rectangle.  Now you
> should be able to move it around.  Have you got to this point?
> Kind Regards
> --
> Misha
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