[maemo-users] IT OS 2007 v.3 Upgrade

From: Mike Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Fri Mar 23 18:52:56 EET 2007
>    6. Still no 12/24-hour clock.  Nokia, you’ve got to get this right. 
>       Due to daylight savings time changes that are different around the
>       world, we can’t just select some other region that uses a 24-hour
>       clock.  This is standard on every version of Linux and actually
>       required you to remove it.  *Fix it*.
>    7. Control Panel no longer expands to full screen.  *New bug*.
>    8. When using Navigation under the Control Panel, menu entries are
>       now automatically sorted.
>    9. All Bluetooth devices will have to be re-paired.  Those settings
>       should have been saved and restored.  *New bug*.

This sort of update summary is very useful for the list, but when 
reporting bugs and confirming their presence in new OS versions you 
should create/update entries in the bug tracker.  It is the canonical 
location for that type of information.



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