[maemo-users] [ANN] Simple Launcher -- Home applet to launch your apps

From: David Hagood david.hagood at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 24 14:32:00 EET 2007
Paule Ecimovic wrote:
> Hi, Misha,
>    Could you enable launching command-line apps from the desktop as 
> well, i.e., all those apps that currently require launching from an 
> xterm?
> Cheers,
Seconded! I have several scripts I run (ntp sync, ssh to my server, etc) 
that I would love to be able to kick off easily.

Perhaps a general "invoke this program with these args" mode would be 
the solution?

I'd love to be able to tell VNC to use my .vnc/passwd file, for example, 
by passing in the appropriate parameter.

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