[maemo-users] python on v3

From: Larry Battraw lbattraw at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 24 23:14:25 EET 2007
  Try: apt-get install python2.5-hildon gpodder

You'll need to do it as root of course.  That should pull down the
python runtime and everything needed for gpodder itself.  I've
included my over-sized /etc/apt/sources.list as well in case you need
part of it for reference.


#maemo:name Maemo Repo
deb http://repository.maemo.org bora free non-free
#maemo:name Maemo Mapper
deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras bora free non-free
#maemo:name GPE Repo
#deb http://downloads.kernelconcepts.de/maemo3 bora free
#maemo:name FBReader
deb http://only.mawhrin.net/fbreader/maemo/ mistral user
#maemo:name RC Script Plugin
deb http://tuomas.kulve.fi/debian bora maemo
#maemo:name Maemo Hackers
deb http://maemo-hackers.org/apt bora main
#maemo:name Abiword
deb http://www.abisource.com/downloads/apt mistral user
#maemo:name Canola
deb http://openbossa.indt.org/canola/repository-beta2/bora bora user
#maemo:name Dates
deb http://maemo.o-hand.com/packages bora/
#maemo:name Minimo
deb http://home.ufam.edu.br/~agan/minimo/ bora user

On 3/24/07, Jonathan Greene <atmasphere at atmasphere.net> wrote:
> What's the command?  I'll give that a whirl...
> Thanks,
> JG
> On 3/24/07, Larry Battraw <lbattraw at gmail.com> wrote:
> > On 3/24/07, Jonathan Greene <atmasphere at atmasphere.net> wrote:
> > > I am unable to install python runtime (2.5) on my n800 which makes it
> > > impossible to get gpodder going.  Anyone else have any luck?
> >
> >   I had no problems (I did it from the command line), although I
> > discovered gpodder ignores the download path given.
> >
> > Larry

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