[maemo-users] IT OS 2007 v.3 Upgrade

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Mon Mar 26 20:22:23 EEST 2007
Mike Lococo wrote:

> I've pasted Quim's response into Bug #303 so folks that refer there will 
> have this latest info.
> Thanks,
> Mike

Thanks Mike, but by doing so you highlight the lack of input from Nokia in the public Bugzilla. This isn't a personal slight against Quim (who does sterling work in the community and in the newsgroup) but Quim (or another Nokian) could just have easily entered the "conclusion of conclusions" against the relevant bug rather than waiting until it got dragged up again in a newsgroup posting.

Drip feeding bug updates via the newsgroup is not appropriate when there are existing bug entries entirely devoid of informative comment from Nokia.

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