[maemo-users] IT OS 2007 v.3 Upgrade

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Tue Mar 27 18:23:23 EEST 2007
What bothers me IS the checkbox.  What concerns me about the "legal"
statement is this:

- I don't get a similar statement on a Palm device when I install non-Palm
software (it's an OS, people install software).
- I don't get a similar statement on a Windows mobile device when I install
non-Windows software.
- I don't get a similar statement on my cell phone when I install non-vendor

Thus, what makes the tablet different? It has an OS like the three
device-types above.  People are going to install software from a multitude
of locations depending upon what is available and what their needs are.

Nick Shaw 

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Quim Gil wrote:
> I'll try to explain.
> - I pick the most voted feature requests and I try to solve them. This
> implies that most of the time I'm dealing with issues I'm not expert of,
> but can help solving.
> - You would be surprised how little is my knowledge about what is going
> on inside the device. My skills are elsewhere. I might know better what
> is going on currently inside the development process, though.
> - We have generally good reasons when we say issue X is more complex
> than it seems, we will work on feature Y but not now, and things like
> that. We might be mistaken or we might have different opinions and this
> is why discussing is (almost) always positive, useful.
> - You deserve more and more precise feedback, but you deserve many
> things and we make our list of priorities as well. When I invest 1h in
> the 12/24h thing I'm not putting this time in other topics that are also
> done for your own good, and perhaps are more relevant now.
> - I have the 12/24h feature request assigned. I will comment progress
> there. Same thing with the rest of bugs/features assigned. Please submit
> a feature request about the legal OKs if you haven't done it.
> Keep going, you are doing great. It's a privilege to be here in this
> bright community.

Thank you for this excellent post, Quim - I do appreciate it. It's
heartening to hear there will be more Nokia involvement and comment in
Bugzilla, it seems to be one of the more glaring issues that exists with the
current community process (although Jakke and Jakub have posted from time to
time, which is also appreciated).

As for the "Legal OKs", I'm not that bothered by them but for those that are
would adding a "Don't show this again" checkbox to the dialog suffice and
also be acceptable from a legal Nokia standpoint?

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