[maemo-users] Camera app slow, locks up?

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Wed Mar 28 14:32:41 EEST 2007
David Hagood wrote:
> Does anybody else find that the Camera application is slow, and
> occasionally locks up the unit?
> What I see is that for the first several seconds after starting, the
> camera app's update rate is fairly fast (though not as fast as the video
> call app - about one-half as fast). After a few seconds, then the video
> update rates slows down to about an update a second. Then after a few
> more seconds it stops, and the unit is pretty much locked up. Sometimes
> I can close the camera app, sometimes I have to reboot the unit (by
> holding down on the power key for several seconds).
Yeah, it's unusable here. The OS quite often offers to close the Camera application as it has stopped responding. The application consumes massive amounts of CPU and the low frame rate (~5fps, sometimes less than 1fps) makes framing a shot next to impossible.

Definately needs more work as it's not currently usable - but even if it were, the camera image quality when indoors is frankly awful (this applies to internet web video too).

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