[maemo-users] Quick launcher and non-DBus commands

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Mar 28 15:46:28 EEST 2007
David Hagood wrote:
> The key is to provide the command in the Exec= entry, and to NOT provide
> a X-Osso-Service= line. If you provide the service line, then the Exec
> will be ignored.

Exactly. I think all the tutorials overuse and stress the importance of 
having the service to the point people think it is required and it is 
causing repeated confusion when people try to add simple icon to 
taskbar. One example today

Non-GTK programs doesn't need it and even some gtk-based maemo-ized apps 
may make sense without registering as a service.

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