[maemo-users] IT OS 2007 v.3 Upgrade

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Wed Mar 28 15:57:41 EEST 2007
I hear what you're saying; however, I'm not certain the result is valid.
While you're correct that all of them can be reset, applications can still
cause them to fail.  For example, without all the applications I run
installed, the Palm T3 stays up-and-running without effort.  With all the
applications, it fails at least once a day.  It took me a week to track down
the specific program.  In short, yes, the way the OS' are implemented is
different but the effects of errant applications can be the same.

Nick Shaw

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Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> - I don't get a similar statement on a Palm device when I install non-Palm
> software (it's an OS, people install software).
> - I don't get a similar statement on a Windows mobile device when I
> non-Windows software.
> - I don't get a similar statement on my cell phone when I install
> software.
> Thus, what makes the tablet different?

I think it is slightly different since in all those examples you have 
simple way to recover because the basic system is in ROM and undamaged 
and you can do 'hard reset' clearing RAM and system boots. On the tablet 
you can remove/break even system files since they are mixed with user 
stuff in same filesystem. The only way to recover is to flash device 
over USB cable which is a bit harder and you need to download firmware 
and flasher. So all those devices are self-repairing, nokia tablet is 
not. I'm not sure this make some legal difference but technically there 
is such difference.

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