[maemo-users] Problems refreshing application list

From: Hinrich Göhlmann hgoehlma at gmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 30 17:17:05 EEST 2007
Hi folks,

this is a follow-up post to my original one regarding the offline
installation of files. Even though I am up and running and got the most
important packages installed by first downloading the packages and then
installing them using Application Manager, my original question related to a
problem of which I thought it was only of temporary nature. It does not seem
to be like that...   I have checked the list archives and
internettablettalk, but even though I stumble accross postings here and
there dealing remotely with this problem, I still have not figured it out: I
have never been able to obtain an application list in the Application
Manager when selecting "Refresh application list". It always stops after a
while and says: "Unable to refresh list. Last refreshed list is shown" and
the "last list" is of course completely blank.
In the logs I get the "Couldn't stat source package list http://..." and
"You may want to run apt-get update". This was like that from the start and
also directly after I flashed the new OS version (I thought this might fix
it). How can this be? What can I do to fix it? I have not yet ventured into
the realms of root... Do I have to? My internet connection otherwise works
perfectly. Any pointers?

hinrich   d8-)
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