[maemo-users] Instant Messaging & Squid

From: Randall Smith osixone at gmail.com
Date: Tue May 1 00:44:39 EEST 2007
What's the trick in getting Instant Messaging to work with Google Talk when
the 770 is behind a Squid proxy?

I have a 770 (gregale) and a laptop on the same WLAN and I run HTTP/S
through my Squid proxy. I use Gajim on the laptop and it works fine
tunneling over http to Google Talk. But the chat client on the 770 won't.
Using Ethereal/Wireshark, I can watch the 770 connect to the proxy and the
proxy connect to Google Talk, but then the 770 closes the connection to my
Squid host while the handshake between Squid and Google is completing.

The 770 can connect direct to Google Talk on port 5223, but I want to get
the proxy working. I've tried setting the proxy bypass setting for my IAP to
talk.google.com and google.com, but this doesn't seem to affect the chat

Is this a known problem?


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