[maemo-users] maemo.org maintenance break today (2007-05-04)

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Fri May 4 05:43:00 EEST 2007

We are in the final phase of the website migration. It means we will
switch over from the old maemo.org server to the shiny, new Midgard
powered site today.

This switch will affect all maemo.org services: bugzilla, mailing
lists, wiki, planet, lxr, viewcvs...  We try to keep the services
online, but there might be some breaks. As some of you have noticed
the wiki is already in read-only mode. Wiki editors have to wait till
the new site is online.

Anyway the goal is to launch the site today. Please bear with us if
you experience problems at maemo.org. It will not take long, I hope.


ps for the impatient:
Sneak peek of the renewed bugzilla UI: https://test.maemo.org/bugzilla.
NOTE! This is just a preview. The database will be overwritten, so
don't bother filing bugs here, please.
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