[maemo-users] Plugins available for Maemo Claws-mail

From: Jean-Luc Biord jl.biord at free.fr
Date: Fri May 4 23:12:30 EEST 2007
Due to an problem between oldest version of libetpan package and newest
version, I restored the old version of claws-mail and disable  for this
moment the new version. 

Sorry for these problems.

> Hi,
> A new release of Claws-mail 2.9.1-2 based on version 2.9.1cvs35 is
> available on http://www.claws-mail.org/maemo. With this release, some
> plugins are available too: 
> * AttachWarner : Warns when the user composes
> a message mentioning an attachment in the message body without
> attaching any files to the message. 
> * AttRemover : This plugin lets you
> remove attachments from emails. mailMBOX : This plugin handles
> mailboxes in mbox format. 
> * RSSyl : This plugin allows you to read your
> favourite newsfeeds in Claws. RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds are
> currently supported. 
> * vCalendar : This plugin enables vCalendar message handling
> like that produced by Evolution or Outlook, and handles webCal
> subscriptions. It provides a personal calendar and public calendar
> import and export. 
> I packaged only the plugins who seems to be useful
> on the tablets. Feedbacks are welcome.
> Jean-Luc Biord
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