[maemo-users] Accuracy of the power meter?

From: Ralph Angenendt ralph+maemo at strg-alt-entf.org
Date: Tue May 8 16:16:27 EEST 2007
Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > Omeweather turned out to be it, it looks like.  I need to do some more
> > tests to conclusively prove it, but it looks like I had set omweather
> > (version 0.17.2) to "never" update, and my guess that set the interval
> > time to 0, and that seems to have triggered some continue loop.
> > Setting the interval time to 4 hours seems to have extended my battery
> > life.
> AFAIK it can also make desktop take all the memory in the device within
> day or two and make some of the other applets not to work.

That seems to have been fixed in one of the last updates to omweather. I
haven't seen massive memory consumption from omweather during the last

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