[maemo-users] Poor GPS Navicore software

From: Michele md6604 at mclink.it
Date: Tue May 8 19:28:49 EEST 2007
Hi all,
> The one feature that make this device worthless for me (to the point that
> I'll return it to the Nokia shop) is that you cannot have your maps pointing
> North. You only have a function to temporarily orient the map to North and
> then it switches back to its (crazy) rotate map mode so that your car always
> heads forward. I don't understand who can use this mode for navigation. Imagine
> how it would be like to use a paper map instead and have to rotate it at every
> turn you take.
I have had (and still have) NaviCore software installed on my 770 Tablet 
for more than one year, and I found it to be best software actually 
available on the market for Navigator systems.

I compared it with lots of other navis (rather simple to have it ever 
with you, my GPS module in a pocket and the 770 in another one...) and 
every time the main defect of the system is the tremendous slow 
start-time. It needs lots of time, probably due to the limited memory of 
the 770 to 'assets' itself, and after some minutes of using it become a 
perfect instrument to walk somewhere. After this kind of boot-up, it 
have proved the best for clarity and precision of information (sometimes 
a little too late, when you are also slightly too much fast) and speed 
of recalculation of routes.

As far as i remember, if you disable the auto-update feature (or 
something similar, I have the Italian localization, i.e. the feature 
that adapts the map to the speed you are travelling) and set the map 
with north up (there is an item in the main menu), it doesn't change 
visualization anymore.

I personally prefer to have the driving direction up while - err... - 
driving, and the north up while walking.

Did you try to disable that adapt-to-speed feature?

It could also be a difference between versions, I thought to transfer 
Navicore from my 770 to my N800, but the two gadgets are being used with 
different use-cases, so I definitely delegate the GPS task to the 770 
thanx to his hard-cover



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